June 16, 2016 “Count it all joy” by faith…Faith honors God and God honors faith

In the book of James it says that when we encounter trials in this journey we are to “count them all joy”. This must be done as an act of faith. Trials are painful. Trials hurt. Trials are full of suffering. I once heard from a pastor – he say the following “don’t demand to understand”. God carried me through a trial that lasted 37 years! And another which lasted 11 years! Both ended last summer! I praise God with all my heart! And now He has given me JOY! Did I trust Him perfectly? Wish I could say “yes”, but the answer is “no”. Amazing grace sustained me all the way to the other side! That is why I chose Amazing Grace to be on the front cover of my book! Lean on His amazing grace today until He takes you to the other side of your trialWhen the purpose for the trial has been reached or achieved, the trial will end. God’s timing is perfect.

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