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Here is a little bit about me before I talk about the photography scenes.

I grew up on a farm. We raised beef cattle and chickens. This helped my mom with the grocery bill! I am one of nine kids so this really helped feed the family. We had nearly 50 acres! We all worked very hard on the farm. There were continual barn chores to be done such as feeding the animals, tending to the garden, and bailing hay each summer. And one chore I did weekly was lawn mowing and lots of it!

Even as a young boy and teenager I had a love of God’s creation. I took notice of the clouds, rainbows, sunsets, and so forth. When I was 18 I had the opportunity to take my very first vacation. I went to Florida to visit my aunt with two high school friends. One friend was 16 and the other was 17. I can’t believe our parents let us go! Anyways, this was my first taste of traveling and I fell in love with it. Over the past 30 years or so I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel almost every single year! God has been good.


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The big rock is from an unexpected trip to Maine. My friend here in Wisconsin met a gal online and they fell in love. She was from Maine and when they got engaged they decided to get married in Maine. Since they invited me to the wedding I decided to attend and thus had the opportunity to see a very scenic state. The photo of Bubble Rock was from Acadia National Park. I would highly recommend it!

When you see photos of the church on the slide show above you are seeing a very famous church on a hill here in Wisconsin. If you climb the tower you can actually get a very breath taking view of country side. In fall it is a very popular tourist spot as the fall colors are amazing! God’s creation is a free gift and to be enjoyed!

Many of the photos you see here on this page are from my Canada vacation. A good friend that I met at a local Christian singles group (back in 1997), had gone to Banff National Park. He and his wife liked it so much that I decided to join them for their second trip. I went there in July of 2007. I took the most amazing photo of a mountain with a mirror reflection from a lake in front of it. Little did I know at that time that the photo was going to be on the front cover of my very first book! (Click under My Book for more information). God’s ways are a mystery at times. They truly are! In His time, I would like to go back to Banff National Park once more in my lifetime. This destination is my favorite out of all the vacations I have taken over the past 30 years or so.

I love the mountains. Thus you will see many photos of mountains. Spiritual mountains in our lives are meant to be climbed! God’s grace is enough to get us to the top. The view at the top of a physical mountain is always worth the struggle and pain it takes to get there. Don’t ever stop climbing your spiritual mountain. (And by the way – the song – “Climb Every Mountain” from the sound of music is one of my favorites as God helped me climb a spiritual mountain in my life. It was a 37 year climb! You can read more about it in my book.)

Thanks for visiting this Photography page.

P.S. The next sunset or rainbow or mountain you see – be sure to thank God for it!