Aug 15th, 2016 Valleys – there is a purpose for them.

I have learned from experience that God often times does His greatest works while we are walking through the valley seasons in our lives. That is the time to trust Him the most! I believe and come to realize, that the deeper the valley you go through, the deeper work God is doing inside of a person (if they are looking to the Lord).

I have quote from an unknown author that I would like to share…”God always allows a major test before a major blessing. The greater He intends to bless, the bigger the test will be.”

I went through several “tests” thus far in my life. One was 37 years long! I passed it in August of 2015. And the other test was almost 11 years long! I passed that one in the summer of 2015 as well! Only by the grace of God above. Those were heavy duty tests! Great faith often comes by enduring great trials! Thank you God for faith! The school-room of suffering has taught me more than I could have ever imagined! Unspeakable pain followed by unspeakable joy only because of the faithfulness of God!

He loves human beings and sent His Son to save us, change us, and restore us! God is good!

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