Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace


For with God Nothing shall be impossible…

by Rick Kreuser

This is the true story about a young boy with a God-sized dream and a majestic mountain to climb. A story of God's grace mercy and love. A journey filled with unspeakable pain, agony. sorrow and suffering. But by this pain, through the grace of God, came peace, enduring hope, love and unspeakable joy!



You might be wondering how this book came to be. Well, on August 3rd of 2015, the Holy Spirit prompted me to begin writing out my entire testimony. The testimony of what God had done in my life up to that specific date in time. (I was 49 at the time.) I would get up early and write out as much as I could until it was time to work out, shower, eat, and then get ready for work. On August 4th 2015, something amazing happened! God performed miracle # 8! After 37 years of enduring the “thorn in the flesh”, God saw fit to totally remove the rest of the thorn!!! As a young teenage boy I believed He could take it away, and surprisingly He pulled it out 75% of the way on the day of my salvation back in October 1992. And then over 23 years He worked the process of sanctification in me. He removed entirely and completely the painful thorn in His perfect timing – the day after I started writing out my testimony! God is good and also a God of surprises and a God of miracles!

It took me a solid month of writing to complete the story. In very early September I had finished the original manuscript! And boy oh boy was the story long! I began emailing it and handing it out to friends, a few co-workers, and a handful of family members. After completing it I decided to go ahead and have it created into a real live book! Through an amazing chain of events, I found a Christian lady down south who helped get the first round of editing done. She was a blessing to work with. And amazingly enough, she did not live that far from Charles Stanley’s church! So when I went down to celebrate the completion of the first editing we went out to dinner and I also attended church that weekend to hear Pastor Charles Stanley preach. I even got to have my photo taken with him which was pretty exciting! God had me meet someone in the lobby that knew Charles Stanley and this Christian guy told me right where to go after service to have the opportunity to meet Mr. Stanley. God is good!

Along the way, God lead me to some very talented graphic designers who did an excellent job on the book front and back covers. And when I was in the “dark night of the soul” I connected with a Christian brother in the Lord on the east coast that prayed for me often. And believe it or not, when I was looking for someone to create my webpage, God used brother Tom in Maine to point me to a business in Utah to create my original webpage!

In closing, I give God the thanks, praise, and glory for all 8 miracles in my first book. And by faith, in advance, prior to seeing, I give Him thanks for miracles # 9 and # 10 which will be forth coming in my next book! (By the way, miracles # 9 and # 10 are briefly mentioned in Chapters # 19 and # 20 in my current book.) I am not sure when I will write Volume 2 but if the Lord does not come back soon it is most certainly one of my goals!

Thank you for visiting this page and I hope you are encouraged and inspired to press onward in faith – even in your darkest night! Remember it is darkest before the dawn – and Jesus wins in the end.